Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Black Chasid From Nebraska

(Hat tip: Rea) This article is pretty interesting...

Moments before Yosef Abrahamson, 16, accepted an award for the essay he’d written in a competition sponsored by the Police Athletic League, an officer approached him to complain about his fedora. The hat, an essential wardrobe item for Hasidic men, was gaudy, the policeman told him, and what’s with all these kids today and their nose rings and their attitudes. A second police officer, overhearing the conversation, came over to steer away the first one, who reappeared a few minutes later to apologize. He’d never seen a Hasidic Jew, he told Yosef.

A policeman working in New York who’d never seen a Hasidic Jew? What he probably meant, Yosef theorized, was “that he’d never seen a Hasidic Jew of color. I think he was probably making some assumptions there.”


  1. One of our Kollel rabbis is from Omaha. I was surprised there are ANY Jews there (sometimes people are surprised to find there is an observant community here, LOL).

  2. Thanks for the link- it was cool. Eye-opening.