Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kayla Pictures, Good Wishes, & Thank Yous

Who wants to see? :)

A few important "announcements", since I've obviously been a little too busy to blog anything...

A very Happy 35th Anniversary to my dear parents; we are glad you're enjoying the pictures and videos of your granddaughters, because that's what you're getting as your present.

A belated happy 3rd Blogiversary to this blog, which turned 3 on June 1st. This blog was started for fun and continues in fun, and I think it'll keep going until it's no longer fun. People have often asked me what I have "gotten" out of blogging; I think that the answer is really quite simple. In addition to the fun, we've gotten friends - not just online friends (though there are plenty of those), but real, amazing friends who live around us, who visit us, who share their lives with us. On that note, there are tons of people who deserve our thanks, but right now, the biggest ones go to:
  • Rivka (who probably will never see this), who despite being in the middle of midterms in her summer courses and working, dropped everything to spend Shabbos in the hospital with Serach and Kayla, then helped tremendously in getting her settled in at home and with the Shavuos meals.
  • Rea (who slept over), Apple, iPay, and Groovin's cousin YM for keeping me company Friday night and helping with Elianna. Apple - who just celebrated a birthday!! - came over as Shabbos ended so I could rush to the hospital immediately afterwards to visit Serach for a few minutes... then stayed for hours when it turned out Serach was able to be sent home, helping Serach to get settled in. Oh, and while we were at the hospital, she cleaned up the apartment, folded all the laundry, and played with Elianna.
  • Princess D'Tiara not only managed to visit Serach in the hospital, but helped take care of Elianna (and brought her a toy to occupy her) when I came Friday, did a wonderful swaddling job (we have video!), and then proceeded to help out on Yom Tov, even cooking a really good heart attack on a tray that was all eaten. Meanwhile, the amazing Raggedys just continued to outdo themselves, hosting us for a meal fit for kings and even letting our own guest Pobody's Nerfect to crash on their couch the whole afternoon. Speaking of PN, she only spent three days helping out in every which way, from Serach to Elianna to Kayla.
  • Then there are all the others who helped out in numerous ways, from my in-laws, to the people who hosted Elianna and myself for Shabbos meals, to the countless friends from KGH who offered meals and offered to make meals, to those who came to wish Mazel Tov or visit... Kew Gardens Hills is really an impressive community.
So... thank you all so much, and hopefully at some point in the near future this blog will get back to what I want it to be, which is a little content in addition to all the fun. It's so hard to not spend time writing about things like this great panel discussion I heard last night at Young Israel of KGH on the high cost of education... but I have other things to do. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Mazal Tov!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've really been out of the blogosphere..I didn't know you guys were expecting!
    Your daughters ("new" and "old") are both beautiful (as are their names)!
    May you have much nachas from them always. May they be zocheh to Torah, Chupah, and Ma'asim tovim :)

  2. You think my co-workers would think it odd for Elianna (and Kayla Tiny Foot) to be the background on my computer?

  3. I had such a good time visiting (as always). Let me know if I can make you anything for Shabbas.

  4. June is such a good month to have a baby! Hehe. She looks so yummy.

    Also, I am cracking up that you wished happy anniversary to a BLOG.

  5. Oy vee zees. (Mindy's Chassidish roots are showing through)

  6. You've got two really beautiful little girls! : )

  7. Mazal Tov again. I'm pretty sure that Kayla is giving everyone the finger in the top picture. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?

  8. You have two adorable little girls. Mazel tov!!!!!!!


    (thanks for the pics, dad)
    Now, I'd poke in and add myself to this list of do-gooders, except I hear you're absconding with your lovely children for the weekend. So :-P to you, too.

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  11. also happy ONE WEEK (at 4:31) b-day to kayla. Could you believe its been a week?

    thank you everybody!

  12. Mazal Tov.

    Beautiful children--enjoy!

  13. Mazel tov on the birth of Kayla and a mazel tov on the birth of her new cousin here in Baltimore.

  14. OMGosh!! Elianna is HUGE compared to her little sister! When did THAT happen??? LOL...