Saturday, January 29, 2011

EZ Reads 1/29/11

A few quick reads for a Saturday night/Sunday morning:
  • A great short news clip on Mystical Paths about a recent accidental archeological find - an open sewer path from the time of the Second Temple that goes right under the Temple Mount.
  • R' Natan Slifkin comes to a realization that an obvious point is often being missed vis-a-vis the brain death discussion (currently occurring in many places) and the gemara on the subject.
  • Consumers misled by labels, such as a kosher symbol on a product that is not Kosher, can sue.
  • A Negative Benefit has a clip from The Today Show in 1994 - "what is the internet?"
  • Ten tips to trick, train, and exercise your brain, via Lifehacker (my favorite site).

    1 comment:

    1. Love, love LOVE the Today Show clip.
      Such a short time ago.
      (and those HAIRSTYLES....)