Thursday, January 13, 2011

Educating Annoyed

Welcome back to YD of Adventures in Chinuch, with a very good post on what teachers' emphasis should be. An all-too-familiar story he uses to make his points:
Taking this further, the same can be said about the most common approach to teaching Tanach (this may sound familiar to many who have gone to school):

Step One: "who wants to read passuk gimmel?"
Step Two: "okay, no volunteers except annoying kid that always raises his hand? David, you read."
Step Three: "What's that David, you don't do reading? Okay Jonny read."

Step Four: "Jonny doesn't have the page. Jonny doesn't even have a chumash. Okay annoying kid, you read."

Step Five: "Who has any questions on this passuk? Nobody? Okay let's read Rashi."

Step Six: "Can anyone tell me Rashi's question?"

Step Seven: "No, none of those are even close to Rashi's question. Did anyone learn anything this year?"

Step Eight: "Here is Rashi's question with three more answers. Write them all down in the column next to the vocabulary words"
Step Nine: Wash, rinse, repeat.

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