Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cleveland Helps

A nice story from this morning (my brother had told of the Dessler aspect of the story when he came home from davening this morning; they showed up at shacharis pretty unexpectedly) -
The return flight from Eretz Yisroel for Rabbi Eli and R’ Reuven Dessler and family was set to arrive in Newark this morning and then transfer to Cleveland later, but due to the weather had to be redirected. ...Cleveland was somehow chosen.
...other stranded passengers from this flight, 40 of whom were dependent on kosher food and various Jewish necessities...
Immediately upon hearing about this flight being redirected, Yaakov Moshe Berkovic of  Davis Caterers and Mrs. Sara Shapiro of Bikkur Cholim (and the many people who volunteer for them) got the ball rolling to get much needed food and other things to this group of people. Kinneret Pizza was churning out pizzas, Dovid Greenberger and his Bagel Shoppe made an innumerable amount of bagels and baked goods.  Other people stepped in to help in a variety of ways.
(Note: I'm guessing it was a Continental flight, and was rerouted so they'd have planes at another hub of theirs, the closest of which is Cleveland.) Anyway - great story, and a nice testament to the frum community of Cleveland.

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