Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parsha Point to Ponder - Terumah

[It's been a while, but like LL Cool J said, "Don't call it a comeback!"]

So, I was reading about the Mishkan and saw that some scholars have done studies on the different dimensions and parts of the Mishkan and its assembly.

One of them estimates that the Aron with the Kapporet would have weighed a staggering five tons.

Which got me thinking about...

1) How the Aron is described as not being carried by man [The Talmud tells us the Aron’s weight was not carried by those holding onto the poles. “The Aron lifted up those who carried it (Sota 35a).”]
2) Uzzah's death [2 Samuel Ch. 6] when trying to catch the Aron now makes a lot more sense (so does the name of his death place, Peretz-Uzzah, consequently). The pesukim do make a point of telling us that the Aron WAS being transported by ox-drawn wagon, as well.

Well, I thought it was interesting, anyways...

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