Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goldishlocks & The Three Beers

One Purim there was a girl named Goldishlocks, who had golden, curly hair,
Who made beautiful mishloach manos of porridge, cookies, and gummy bears,
She knew her mishloach manos were not yet complete,
‘But what else can I add?,’ she started to think.

She decided to take a walk to clear her mind,
When lo and behold! What’d she find!?
It was all she could do, to not yell in fear,
While in front of her stood a huge scary beer.

He said “Hi Goldishlocks! What do you say?
You should give out some of me on Purim day!”
Goldishlocks stammered “A tax I’d rather levy,
Then give you out, Dad. You’re just way too heavy.”

She had scarcely walked 12 steps before she jumped back in fear,
After getting talked to forever by an overly energetic beer,
The beer pled her case, about how she goes down so smoothly,
And you never have to worry about her coming off fruity.

But Goldishlocks wasn’t to be so easily impressed,
And finally spoke up to the beer so well dressed,
“Imma, be careful, you gave me a fright!
But I’m sorry, you’re no good either – you’re just way too light.”

Goldishlocks was sad as she headed to her room,
All ready for Purim but with a small dash of gloom,
She passed by her baby sis, the cutest little beer,
And couldn’t help but think “Now isn’t she just dear!?”

She was about to give up and call it a night,
When she suddenly remembered an ad for Bud Light,
She turned and yelled, “‘Not too heavy, not too light!’
Oh this is perfect – Baby, you’re Just Right!!”

With excitement she turned and ran down the hall,
And finished making beautiful mishloach manos for all,
And in addition to giving out yummy treats to her peers,
She’s sharing the story of Goldishlocks – and of course, the Three Beers.