Thursday, February 25, 2010

Have a Safe Purim

Not getting into the to drink/not to drink debate, but if you are to drink please keep this video in mind of what Purim can become, if not worse.

Before you get that drunk, just STOP!


  1. Or go hide in the bathroom and swear you were never drunk to begin with.

  2. It looks like a security camera. My question is, where?

  3. Also, why? He doesn't look like he's having much fun.

  4. mizvah is mizvah, but this is too much. actually we have to feel sameach on purim and this guy does not look pretty happy to me))

  5. its real. it was spliced for the more interesting parts, but a classmate showed it during a substance abuse presentation.

    fun is relative to the ability to use your limbs in a coherent fashion. its scary when your drunk and you can't move.