Sunday, September 27, 2009

Too Smart

(Scene: Elianna is standing on the toilet using a makeup brush and a cup to "paint" in the bathroom in the morning.)

Serach: Elianna, please come down and start taking off your clothes so you can get ready for school!
Elianna: Noo!!!
Serach: Eliannaaa...
Elianna: Go on the computer for a few minutes, Mommy. [resumes painting]
(A few minutes later - Elianna has locked the door to the bathroom from the inside, with Kayla also inside)

Serach: Open the door this instant!
Elianna: Get a hanger, Mommy! {we can unlock the door from the outside with something like a hanger or Q-tip or bobbypin}
On Shabbos, Elianna also would interrupt a story being told and tell Serach to "tell the hanger story, too".

Friday night:
Guest to Elianna: Who made you so smart?!
Elianna: [pause, mischievous smile] Coke!
Nice. :)


  1. Serious child-safety advice:

    Replace all interior door locks with locks that have keys. No more hangers or bobby pins--they're too unreliable when the safety of children is at stake.

    Make a copy of each key.

    Hang 1 copy of each room's key on a hook on the doorpost to that room--too high for Elianna to reach!

    Hang the 2nd copies of all the keys on (a) hook(s) on the side of the refrigerator or other obvious location, again too high for Elianna to reach. That way, you'll always be able to get into every room in your home, no matter what interesting situations your kids get themselves into.