Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Best Prediction Ever

This is well worth the two minutes. Ridiculous(ly lucky), and the call is hilarious. Hat tip: OD.

Mike Blowers calls Matt Tuiasosopo's HR... before the game. The pitch, the count, the place... crazy.


  1. Not to nit-pick, but I'm sure this guy has made many predictions on air and has been incorrect.
    Also, a 3-1 count is extremely favorable. I would venture to guess that it is the most common HR count. Hitting it to left field is obvious, Tuiasosopo was batting from the right side and he looks like a pull hitter. The prediction was second deck and it did not go second deck.
    Just sayin'...

  2. Harry-er - Yup

    Rea - Agreed. He picked a generic hitter's count, pull hitter, 2nd AB (after he's seen the guy), on a fastball (the most common pitch, especially for a HR). Still, though - super cool.

    Apparently on the pitches before they were dying of laughter, especially when it was 2-1 and he threw a ball high, just because of how it set up the situation - and then when it actually happened, it blew their minds.

  3. Wow. That's crazy, but now I have to admmit that I watched Rachel Maddow...

  4. Shades of the legend of the "Babe". You know the story of Babe Ruth batting and pointing to where he was going to hit the home run.

  5. I don't get it. He didn't get it to the second deck?

    But anyhow, that was totally cool! :-)