Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fitting In

Growing up, I never thought of my family as loud. That title was reserved for my sister Vervel, who reminded me of just how crazy she can be as we drove through the nights last weekend from Baltimore to Cleveland and back for Grandma's funeral. Her wonderful {choke} renditions of whatever songs were playing on West Virginia radio were... great, and reminiscent of those Pesach sedarim from way back in the day, where the four cups of wine were enough to make her hyper and a little off-kilter.

But this post is not about my sister. At my grandmother's funeral, my cousin R' Avram Goldish commented how in the Cleveland community my grandparents' home was known as "the Loudishes". While my own nature is on the quieter side (it is!), I feel compelled to note that my dear wife fits perfectly in with the rest of the family.

And since we're about to go out to celebrate her birthday, I figured what better way to note it than with a post - Happy 26th Birthday, Serach!!


  1. I always heard the "Louishes" were the family in Israel.

  2. Happy birthday, Serach. I hope you had a suitably loud celebration.

  3. And I thought you wrote a post about me...mabye next time :(