Thursday, September 10, 2009

Double Trouble

Elianna: My daddy got married to my mommy yesterday and I held the flowers.
Erachet: Oh really?
Elianna: Yeah!
Erachet: You were there?
Elianna: Yeah!
Erachet: You were at your mommy and daddy's wedding?
Elianna: Yeah! ...No. No, I didn't.
Erachet: Kayla was crying and crying so I thought maybe she was hungry, so I put her in her seat and gave her some cheerios and she was interested in eating them, except then I started eating a chewy bar and she decided she wanted that, so she kept pointing and crying, but I didn't want to give her because I didn't know if she could have peanut butter yet or not, so finally she started crying "up! up!" so I started taking off her tray, and then she suddenly noticed the cheerios that had been there the whole time and she went, "oh!" and started grabbing handfuls of them.

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