Friday, July 24, 2009

Warning Others

There's an interesting piece in The Jewish Star about a father of an alleged abuse victim who has decided to publicly warn people that his son's alleged abuser is free on bail. One line that jumped out at me:

Joseph filed a police report, and then contacted the office of Assemblyman Dov Hikind who recently launched a campaign to combat child abuse in the Jewish community. Hikind’s office declined to confirm details about the case but two sources say Hikind placed Joseph in touch with the District Attorney and Joseph’s son then testified before the grand jury. The charges were filed about a week later.

Joseph said that his son is doing well.

The therapist basically said that what we did by believing him and trusting what he said, and not doubting, that was 75% of the cure. Bringing him in to testify and knowing that [the abuser] will get his punishment is a cure for my son.”

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  1. so, so true...believing is the first most important step!