Friday, July 24, 2009

Devarim, Meraglim, and Saying Yes

Another fantastic story and dvar Torah at Adventures in Chinuch. Excerpt:
Sometimes, even thought the "correct" to a request may be no, for the sake of chinuch we have to say yes. [...]

"I realized that if I refused, the boys simply would not understand why I refused. Having grown up in America, they were accustomed to the finest, most respectable citizens flying in from all over the country to view these matches. They considered watching or listening to the radio broadcast of two adults pummeling each other a perfectly normal means of recreation."

"I decided," concludes Rabbi Katz, "that since these boys would not begin to understand why I was refusing their request, it would be better to allow them to daven early and listen to the match."
This reminds me of something a top-notch hedge fund controller I worked with once told me. She said that when her staff approach her with other ways of doing things, she almost always can tell if the idea is good or not, or if it will work or not. She explains this, but often the person really wants to try it out; so long as it won't be detrimental in time wasted, she lets them do it and see for themselves. Sometimes the person comes up with something great; usually, they come back and say "Oh, I see what's missing". But they learn, and grow.

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