Monday, July 06, 2009


Via RafiG, this promo for a documentary on the Jewish singles world (for lack of a better way of putting it) seems to be very interesting. Most interesting quote: "I have about the same number of guys and girls... if anything, slightly more men. But there are far more good women than good men."


  1. Wow, you don't usually hear them admit it so openly: "When you don't get married young, you're likely to become less Orthodox."

  2. Very interesting, and on-target, video.

  3. What do you think she means by "good," by the way? Religious? Virgin?

  4. For some of these people, there might be other reasons why they're not married - having nothing to do with any shidduch system.

    Saying "I know what I want, down to eye-color, height"...?! Did you notice how many of the comments by singles in this video were about looks? I mean, yes, looks do play a part, but there's a difference between wanting someone decent looking and picking out eye color, hair color, and height.

  5. Agree with Erachet. He's kind of narrowing down his options. "Short dark hair is not going to work". Is anyone else laughing?

    I also wondered what she means by "good girls."

  6. JA - Wow, you don't usually hear them admit it so openly: "When you don't get married young, you're likely to become less Orthodox."

    Why do you say this? It is very clear among most singles that they become less religious as they get older and remain single, especially in the realm of arayot. And in places like the UWS, most people are quite open about it.

  7. I feel that sometimes people make their expectations really high and keep looking for that perfect person who doesn't exist. We need to be more realistic and figure out what is really important in a person and what can we let slide.

  8. Interesting. The movie looks well-made and provocative, a good combination. That single guy they were interviewing certainly sounded like a jerk, while the young woman was much more sympathetic. On the one hand, since the film-maker is a single woman, there may be some bias against guys. On the other hand, I have dated on the UWS, and I have met that guy (metaphorically) a few times, so the film-maker is not making him up out of whole cloth. I also think that disillusionment is a big problem in dating, especially for those that have been out on a lot of dates. People tend toward perfectionism, I think, because they figure, "I have waited so long; it must be for the (almost) perfect person, right?" That is a mistake, but it's hard to get out of that mentality once you're in it. I hope all of these people have access to mental-health services, if they need them.

  9. JA - As stated on your blog, it has little to do with "intellectual" disagreement.

    Shoshana - I thought so.

    JA - Shomrei Torah U'Mitzvos? Hard to say.

    Erachet - Yeah, that guy was pretty gross. Not surprised he's single.

    Lon - Yup.

    Anon - Agreed.


    Katrina - Agreed all along.

  10. I agree with Katrina. I wonder if the guy has any clue how shallow he sounds in this video. Or is it the male prerogative to be shallow in the world of shidduchim?

    Different question: were the Google ads linked to the video? The positioning makes the Rabbi advertising appear to be the name of the person featured in the video.

  11. The movie is kinda old guys...
    and its why a lot of people want to opt out of dating if they can.