Monday, March 16, 2009

Touching Tampa

I thought this video (via Deadspin) was really nice:
It's a cold world out there in these hard economic times, especially in the world of hockey. But meet Ben Gullett, who whipped up a unique scheme to help find his dad a new job.

Mark Gullett, the marketing director with the Tampa Bay Lighting, knew that he was in danger of being laid off. So his son, Ben, 14, came up with the idea of producing a YouTube video touting his dad's employment credentials. When Mark was laid off on Thursday, Ben posted his video. And the result has been pretty amazing. ...


  1. That corny, tear-jerker music was a stroke of genius. Imagine the same thing with some upbeat rock behind it--no job from THAT! And what's with the 'tripod from Target'etc. at the end??
    Still, I'm sure Mark is now employed, right?

  2. Well, he's still unemployed- but he has a couple leads.