Friday, March 20, 2009

Garbage Dump or Suburbia?

...we're about to find out. SerandEz & kids are headed to Staten Island this Shabbos, thanks to one of the nicest couples in the world (go Josh & Stef!), and having been there only once briefly before, it should be really nice.

For those who are interested, Serach will be selling both A Goldish Touch headbands and tichels (scarves) from SerachScarves this motzei Shabbos, March 21st, 8pm - 12am at the Young Israel of Staten Island on Forest Hill Road at a pre-Pesach boutique taking place there.

She'll also be helping to host two Michal Wigs sales on Sunday, March 22nd, and Monday, March 23rd in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens from 7:30-9:30pm, and at least the first of those she will have her headbands and tichels. The details and addresses are here.

Have a wonderful Shabbos, everyone!


  1. If you can still ask garbage dump or suburbia are you sure you have ever been in SI? Dump was a waaaay long time ago, the smell never reached to any of the frum areas and the rest of the city may grudgingly call us suburbia, although for many we are out of town.

    If you're coming to SI, welcome and you'll have a great Shabbos here. Just remember, people say good Shabbos even to strangers when they are walking on Shabbos.

  2. I dunno-- something about the "Garbage Dump" remark in the title coupled with one of you trying to sell to the community smacks of biting the hand that feeds you. Marketing lessons are in order, I think.

  3. AAARGH!!! There's no dump anymore!!! AAARGH!!!

  4. OMG - Does anyone get a joke when they see one?! Garbage dump = JOKE.


    Shabbos was really nice, as expected. Yes, people say Good Shabbos, just like in Queens or out of NYC. No, it didn't smell.


  5. Ah.... sorry. But there often be truth in jest, and I guess that makes one sensitive. Just ask our commander-in-chief-on the Leno couch.

    BTW, apologies fr the anonymous posting-- I'm just not an active-enough commenter to warrant an id (and associated audit trail).

  6. True, though I thought this one was obvious... the dangers of the internet. Tone is simply non-existent...

    Feel free to e-mail me. :)