Wednesday, March 25, 2009

E-Book: A Blogger's Guide to Birchas Ha-Chamah

R' Gil Student of Hirhurim has compiled a very good, clear, and concise [and free!] E-Book on Birchas Ha-Chamah, or the "Blessing of the Sun", which occurs just once every 28 years, and will occur this year on Erev Pesach (which, contrary to what some will tell you, has happened way more than just 3 times). As you can see from the first page, I helped R' Gil compile the posts and other online resources. All in all, after reading countless posts, some repetitive, some different, some normal, some slightly off, the subject is really interesting, even if the hubbub surrounding it is sometimes overdone: It still is just one bracha, and the idea that somehow this one is some special sign regarding Mashiach seems a bit strange. All the writers were kind enough to give their permission to use their posts for the E-book, and the posts which R' Gil included are good, clear, and detailed yet interesting to read.

Please, feel free to download the book, print it out, and pass it around. We hope you enjoy!


  1. I went to a fantastic shiur on Sunday about Birkat Hachama, given by Shira Smiles. It can be listened to here

  2. Wow- read this and loved it.
    But- if Birkas HaChama happened on 14th of Nissan more than 3 times- what opinion said it only happened 3 times: Yetizas Mitzrayim, Purim, and now? How did they come to that if in the 800 yr. list- I see more than that?

  3. SaraK - Thanks!!

    NMF7 - It was a mistake. The Ostrovtzah Rebbe is the one who said that, I believe, and he was clearly mistaken. He either calculated wrong, or someone told him that that was the case and he trusted it.