Thursday, March 05, 2009

Best Lines: Erashay Thursday

Erachet's best from today:
  • I'm really bad at crossing the street. [Erachet is 22.]
  • If you don't fall into the right crowd or don't fall into any crowd when you first get to YU/Stern, the weird guys, they find you, because they :::know:::.


  1. Your subject line is like the plot device in Harry Potter when people don't know how to pronounce Hermione's name and she goes, "Her-my-oh-nee" or whatever it is.

    Unless that wasn't your intention.

    But in any case - now people will know how to pronounce my name!

    Er - blog name.

  2. Erashay? really? Im like "er-eh-chet!" (like challah not like chair)