Sunday, March 09, 2008

Shiva Info for Zev Segal in Israel

It didn't click until Shabbos, but Zev Segal, a'h, who passed away tragically on Thursday, was the great-uncle of my good friend Shragi who comes up with the "Well Whaddya Know" trivia questions. He was also the great-uncle of my good friend and shomer from my own wedding Akiva, whose wedding I just attended in Cleveland a couple of weeks ago. His grandmother, whom we know well from her time in Cleveland, is sitting shiva for her brother in Jerusalem.
[Frum Cleveland News] Fw: Sitting Shiva in Jerusalem
Mrs. Zahava Sukenik will be sitting Shiva (as of Tuesday morning) for her brother (Rabbi Zev Segal) at her home in the Ramat Tamir Apartment complex on Rechov Golda Meir in Jerusalem. Rabbi Segal's funeral will be in the Sanhedria cemetery in Jerusalem on Sunday evening (approx 7 PM Israel time). The phone number in Mrs. Sukenik's apartment is 02-581-1590.

For further information contact her children Chaim and Shelli Sukenik (08-979-0375 or 052-889-8811).