Thursday, March 06, 2008

Desperate Situation

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Mr. Segal's body has been found.
This is a desperate situation. The father of a good friend of mine, Yigal Segal, has been missing for more than a day. Please daven for Zev ben Miriam. He was last seen yesterday morning leaving the WFMU radio studio in Northern NJ at 8:15AM, where he was joining his son, Nachum Segal, at the annual radio-station fundraiser.

Zev ben Miriam is a talmid chacham who is elderly yet very lucid and independent. He learned in Chevron in 1929 and served as a personal representative for Ben Gurion as well as for several g'dolei yisroel such as the Brisker Rav.

Mr. Segal of Manhattan was last seen in his dark green color 1999 Mercury Ford vehicle, with the tag number ATL-3961. Anyone with any information should please call (201) 547-5066.

May Hashem keep Zev ben Miriam safe and help him be found quickly.

UPDATED 9:24AM EST: Misaskim Asking For Assistance In Finding Missing Person
March 5, 2008

[UPDATES BELOW ORIGINAL STORY] 3:00PM EST: Misaskim has contacted YWN, and are asking for the public’s assistance. They are looking for a 91 year-old male, who was last seen at approximately 8:15AM this morning in the Northern NJ area. He was driving a dark-green 1999 Ford Mercury, NY plate # ALT3961. He was supposed to arrive at his destination, but has not been seen, or heard from since.
Misaskim has contacted dozens of Police Departments, Hospitals and other agencies - but no one has information.
If you see this vehicle, or have any information which can assist in locating this person, please contact New Jersey Police at 201-547-5066.

UPDATE 1:00AM EST: At this time, hundreds of Hatzolah members from Flatbush, Boro Park, Williamsburg, Queens, Monsey, Staten Island, Passaic NJ, Union City NJ, Elizabeth NJ, Kiryas Yoel and other neighborhoods have joined the massive search - being coordinated by the Misaskim, and Hatzolah Mobile Command Centers.
Additionally, there are Chaveirim members from multiple areas, as well as Shomrim units from all neighborhoods.
The command center has been set up in Jersey City, NJ - and dozens of police officers from Jersey City PD in conjunction with the NJ State Police are working aggressively in the search. K-9 units are searching the sides and exits of Route 280 - and two choppers are scheduled to join the search first thing in the morning.
Please be Mispallel for Zev ben Miriam - who is the father of Radio Personality Nachum Segal. Mr. Zev Segal was last seen at the WFMU radio studio at 8:15AM, where he was joining his son at the annual radio-station fundraiser.

UPDATE 9:24AM EST: Click HERE for photos of the amazing Kiddush Hashem overnight, as hundreds of volunteers gathered to assist in this massive ongoing search