Thursday, March 06, 2008

The King Rises

My luck - I went to that other Cavs-Knicks game in the Garden this season.

Okay - so not only did he score 50, he did so on 16-30 shooting. He did so while hitting 7 of 13 3-pointers. He did so while still racking up 10 assists. And 8 rebounds. (The most assists + rebounds in a 50-point game since Chamberlin, I believe.) He did so while hearing trash-talk from Spike Lee on the side the whole time (the third time, as G noted, that he's received trash-talk in a game and gone on to have a ridiculous, unstoppable performance). He did all this while getting hit, shooting from way beyond the arc, through people, through double- and triple-teams.

Oh, and he's still 23.

Lebron James is going to win a lot of MVPs, and those should start this year.

Watch it.