Monday, March 31, 2008

Obligatory Sports Post

Sorry folks, it's that time of year. I'm going to assume that only people who care about such things will read this, so excuse the lack of explanations.

Figure it's a 14-team, rotisserie-style league with the basic 10 categories (R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG., W/S/K/ERA/WHIP), maximum 162 games at any position and 1,250 combined IP. The league allows moves daily and you can have 7 active pitchers, one player at every position, and two Utility players every day on a 22-player roster (plus two DL spots). I got stuck with the 3rd overall pick. [Pos. Player (Round/Overall)]
  • C R. Martin (3/31)
  • 1B J. Loney (13/171)
  • 2B K. Johnson (14/194)
  • SS H. Ramirez (1/3)
  • 3B H. Blalock (20/278)
  • OF C. Hart (7/87)
  • OF B. Hawpe (8/110)
  • OF A. Rowand (12/166)
  • UT (OF) M. Diaz (22/306)
  • UT (OF) J. Guillen (19/255)
  • Bench 1B/3B/OF C. Blake (16/222)
  • Bench 2B/SS A. Cabrera (21/283)
  • Bench C K. Suzuki *FA pickup
  • SP E. Bedard (2/26)
  • SP C. Young (5/59)
  • SP F. Carmona (6/82)
  • SP J. Shields (10/138)
  • CL F. Cordero (4/54)
  • CL M. Corpas (9/115)
  • CL B. Lidge (11/143) *on DL
  • RP M. Koboyashi (17/227)
  • RP R. Perez (18/250)
I seem to have the best overall pitching staff, according to another guy in the league who ran some numbers, and my hitting - which I thought was average - is up there. What do you think/who do you like?