Monday, March 03, 2008

Real Life

Things are a little busy at work these days, so while I have much I'd like to write about and comment on, that simply isn't going to happen at the moment. I very much enjoyed this comment, left by our esteemed contributor G at B4S, and decided to repost it.

Real life is about creating your own relationship with God, not copying someone else’s.

Real life is taking responsibility for your own well being and the well being of those who rely on you.

Real life is having the courage to say that “Yeah, that’s not how I would do it but it works for him so I can respect it”.

Real life is about risking failure in the pursuit of “better”.

Real life is NOT one size fits all.

Real life does not come with a handbook that lays out all your decisions in a nice clean order ahead of time.

Real life is about the journey not a preconceived destination.

Real life is about action not endless preparation.

Real life is a poem not a blueprint.

Real life is not always getting what you want and being happy anyway.

Real life is what you create for yourself not what someone decides for you.

Real life is being you…regardless of the consequences.

Real life is knowing when it is necessary to fall in line and when it is necessary to stand up and be counted.

Real life is scary and can kick you in the tail.

Real life is about LIVING AND LEARNING!…such a shame that so many forfeit it without so much as a trial period (I’m pretty sure the kollel has some sort of return policy within 30 days)