Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Rule!

I've been tagged by Krum to write a mock YouRule! ad (see his post for why and the details) for Virgin Mobile, and his was pretty funny, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Of course, I'm not anonymous, so I can't be as mean as I'd like to be, but I'll try anyway. If you're offended, well... that's the point. Laugh it off!

Hmm... it was hard to pick a community, so I'm cheating a bit. [Hey, I'm not anonymous, give me a break.]

Here we go...
You Rule, O Wise Bloggers of the J-Blogosphere! You are truly the paragons of insight, pointing out flaws that nobody has ever noticed before. Without you sitting there at your computer, furiously typing away, how would we know what we're doing wrong and what's wrong with our communities? How else would we know what causes the shidduch crisis, why charedim are so messed up, or that yeshiva tuition needs to dropped for anyone to afford it? Who else would tell us that Arabs are evil lying terrorists or that the right is a bunch of brainless Bush backers? Thank you for your clear, level-headed discussion that never resorts to empty rhetoric, O Pundits of the People of the Book. We are jealous of your ability to project perfection from your anonymous soapbox - while putting down everyone else with your admonishments - and are awed by the mockery you compose of everything which Judaism holds dear. As thanks, we are providing you with a present: A phone line with no annual contract, which is just like having no personal responsibility or consistency. You know, kinda like the comments and opinions you express while blogging: All of which you take no responsibility for and which are constantly changing according to your whims - or whatever might get you a few more hits. You Rule, O J-blogger.
I tag Chana, OurBSeh, Moshe, TheApple, Sephardi Lady, and Erachet. And if anyone else wants to, they can do it, too.