Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thoughts from The Game

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Ugh. Ugly game by the Cavs. Notes for next game: Take out Hughes, who shoots less than 40% when he's healthy - and he's not; let Pavlovic and Gibson get a lot more touches and let them create and have Lebron move more away from the ball; and concentrate more on defense and fundamentals, like boxing out on free throws. This looked a lot like a "getting their bearings" type game more than a completely overmatched team, at least... but obviously, this wasn't good.

Nice run by the Cavs, cutting it to single digits. Under 3 minutes left, though. Still some time left, but they need to keep getting stops.

..and the Cavs' third quarter woes continue. They've got to crack down on D to start, and Lebron is running off the picks a little further outside than he normally does, which makes it easier for the Spurs to come back and pick him up on the outside. Either he needs to go 1-on-1 on Bowen or he has to run those first couple steps a little faster like he normally does.

40-35 at halftime. Obviously not amazing, but not bad.

That pass by Parker to Elson for the three-point play was sick.

One of the reasons Tim Duncan is so great is his ability to shoot in two ways from the side - straight up or by banking it, which is so hard to do. It gives him two angles to choose from when going up for a shot depending on what is being defended.

That the Cavs are staying even - within five despite Lebron being 0-6 and Ginobli/Duncan/Parker all playing well is a great sign.

I think people have severely underestimated just how good the Cavs are at two aspects of the game: Defense and rebounding. One of the most important aspects of the D is something the announcers (who've been surprisingly decent so far) touched on, which is forcing teams to take long jumpers but not giving them open threes.