Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Consumerism vs. Religion & The Death of Palestine

(Hat tip: Mommy x2)

The New York Times has an interesting article on Monsey and Walmart. Apparently, people in Monsey are upset about Walmart's plan to build a store on Route 59, right in the heart of Monsey. Walmart is doing everything it can to make the people in Monsey happy, including planning on covering magazine covers (much like Pathmark does on Route 59) and other things. I see that Orthomom already discusses the issues in a little more detail, but I simply don't understand the complaint here.

There is already a Walmart just further down Route 59 in Airmont, about 2 miles away from the proposed site. There are plenty of Jews shopping there anytime we've gone. I don't believe that having another one is suddenly making the community feel over-exposed to the outside world. More importantly, the economic boost from having a Walmart to consumers is incredible, particularly for families with many children who can now buy things at much lower prices in greater quantities. If the real problem is the feared negative effect on the "mom-'n-pop" stores, they should say so... that's a legitimate concern for those people (though the net effect on the local economy is still strongly positive). I simply don't understand the big deal.

Finally, there's a wonderful piece in today's Wall Street Journal called Who Killed Palestine? It's really well written and makes some excellent points.