Thursday, June 21, 2007

Micro-Terrorism & The Supporting World

The exact details do not matter for the point I'd like to make, but there is an interesting story currently unfolding in tiny Plainfield, N.H. A quick summary:

Ed Brown and his wife, Elaine, have locked themselves off from the world on their own terms.

From behind the 8-inch concrete walls of their 110-acre hilltop compound, the couple taunt police and SWAT teams and play to reporters and government-haters with references to past standoffs that turned deadly. Residents want the Browns' circus to end before their small Connecticut River town becomes the next Ruby Ridge or Waco. ...

Ed Brown warned authorities they wouldn't take him alive: "We either walk out of here free or we die."

The Browns were sentenced in abstentia to 63-month prison sentences in April, after being convicted of conspiring to evade taxes on nearly $1.9 million in Elaine Brown's income and of plotting to disguise large financial transactions.

Meanwhile, the government is doing very little. The basic problems: People have free reign to the Brown home, and are therefore able to continue to supply them with whatever they need. They have access to the media. They have access to food and drink.
We've never really seen convicted felons just be able to hold press conferences," Halleran said. "There has to be a restriction of access to and from their property. If people can continue to visit them, to bring them supplies, with diesel fuel and food, they can stay there for a long time."
Also important is that the US Marshal made the following statement:

Though they have refused to leave the compound, U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier insists he has no plans to raid it to make them serve their time and will instead seek a peaceful surrender.

That's nice. So how's that working, eh?

This post is not about Ed & Elaine Brown. It's about terrorism, and what the ability of those who are willing to use force to achieve their goals have over those who are not willing. This compound is a perfect micro example of what terrorists do all over the world... and how the rest of the world allows them to get away with it.

The Browns are not cut off from food and water supplies - because nobody wants to cut them off. The Browns are not cut off from saying what they want to the media - because nobody wants to block the press. The Browns have numerous anti-government/anti-establishment people running to 'support them', making any government action that much more difficult... and nobody is stopping them. Their funds are not cut off, and the raid on Elaine Brown's dentistry office likely didn't do much to them. Meanwhile, they are essentially holding their town hostage, and wasting vast amounts of government (taxpayer) money, as there are plenty of agents wasting their time watching them, trying to figure out what to do.

And yet, nothing is happening. As it stands now, they're having a good old time, with no worries about the federal government actually raiding them, because nobody can stomach the fight - particularly when the media is around. If anything makes this more amazing, they're doing all this without any real demands - just that they be left alone. They're not asking for land, they're not asking for money... heck, they're not even calling on the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews!

Does all of this sound familiar, until the end? That's because it is exactly what Hamas, Fatah, and the rest do to Israel - and how the world actually helps them get away with it, by not cutting off their food, their money, their weapons, or their access. By actually giving them all of those, and telling Israel to actually give in to most of the demands they make. By allowing them constant [and favorable] media access and voice, despite all that they are doing.

This was just a little example of why terrorism works... and will continue to work, until the world starts to play a little rougher with those who try to hold themselves above the rules of the world. A little lesson in terrorism from Plainview, New Hampshire - who'd have guessed?