Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Working World

I wrote a good chunk of a post, but Firefox crashed on me. Argh. Short summary: About 50 new junior associates, a bunch of different speakers explaining different facets of the firm to us, nice amount of Orthodox Jews in the bunch (and in the firm), they're great about Jewish issues such as kosher, etc. There was one "team-building" exercise, where we split into 16 groups of 3 or so, and had to take an egg, 8 short straws, and a 16-inch piece of masking tape and construct something that would allow us to drop the egg without it breaking. I've never done this before (apparently, some people had in science classes), but the group I was in lasted the longest [4 rounds] and therefore "won" the competition. We thought they were joking when they said the winner gets a prize, but after lunch they gave us each $25 I-Tunes cards. Sweet. :)

And now, it's time for Day 2. Regular posting will resume once I'm on a good schedule (almost there).