Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quick question

Well, maybe not too quick. Anyways, my three-year-old daughter goes to a school here in L.A. From what I see, its pretty good. The Menahel is very tolerant of different levels of how observant families are. Most families are M.O. Anywho, it was back to school night yesterday and my wife had to go cause she teaches there. She told me about the science teacher they have there. He is a non-Jew English man that has been working there for eight years. Science for him is very important. He has come to an agreement with the school about what he is going to teach. He decided to leave certain things out of the curriculum all together. His philosophy is that he would rather not teach a certain subject rather than teach the kids something half-assed in order to not get into conflict with the Limudei Kodesh (I'm assuming). So, my question is, is this a good thing? I don't really know yet. I mean, won't it lead to problems still when at home you talk about the age of the earth and the kids wonder why the teacher did not mention it?