Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Jewish Economic Collapse

In discussions with friends, family, and others, I have long argued that the economy of the "frum" world is set to collapse within 20 years - possibly 10-15.

Now, I think the 10-15 is more correct. Read (and weep while doing so) Jewish Debt over at AskShifra. The comments are incredibly saddening.
NOTE: To be fair, Jameel - at Orthomom's post on this
- argued that perhaps we're only getting a sampling of a certain demographic...
but considering where readers of this blog come from, I think the sampling of
blog readers is about the same as the Jewish community as a whole, though the
high and low ends are somewhat nonexistent. Most people in the frum community,
and most J-blog readers, likely fall into the lower-middle middle class range,
even though people like to think that we're all upper-middle class.

If you are willing, post what you feel comfortable posting at Shifra's - as anonymously as you want to. I will be posting at some point later, once I've figured out what I can and can't post, seeing as how I'm *not* anonymous. The numbers people have posted are absolutely mind-boggling... until I realize that even as 23-year olds, are numbers are scarily comparable.

I also think that a post which I wrote a couple of months ago (one of the few good posts I've written in a while) bears great relevance to this. Much of Making Assumptions is not only true regarding ourselves, but I'm guessing it's true for almost every commenter at Shifra's. Some have even said as much: 'I just smile and say everything is fine.'

Everything is far from fine.

I think this is a proper time to plug one of my favorite blogs: Orthonomics. It should be a must-read of everyone's by now. And now, back to training.