Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Year's Gifts (SerandEz)

As some of you are well aware, I've been incredibly busy lately - what with working, commuting, being out-of-town, training, and the like, blogging has taken the standing-on-a-crowded-bus-trying-to-hang-on-for-dear-life spot. Thanks for your understanding, patience, and basically continued support, whether by comment, e-mail, or simply continued visiting of this blog.

Following in Pearl's ways a bit, I wanted to basically give a "New Year's Gift" in honor of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur to many of the bloggers whose blogs I read and some people who read this one. I'm not going to include everyone, so don't be insulted when you don't see your name - just ask "What about me?!" in the comments. Since there are so many of you, I'm going to split it into posts over the next week or two.

First, to the amazing group who guest blog here at SerandEz:
SIL - A sweet, stressless year. Nachas from not only from the (amazing) kids, but OD, too.
Prof. Justice - Happiness in your job, whether the one you're in or a better one. More time to relax.
FFD - Calm. This will probably be the most whirlwind year of your life - new job, marriage, then hopefully med school - but thank God you've set it up really well.
MordyS - Finding more people who really get it. Help in showing people the light when they don't.
Pobody's Nerfect - Success at guiding those who need guidance... while realizing that sometimes, the answers have to come from within.
Holy Hyrax - Contentment with life. Complete answers you won't find - but contentment and happiness are within reach.
Reb Abe - The ability to remain on a high, even when you eventually come back to Earth.
Jameel - That you receive as much joy as you bring others; that you accomplish that which you are trying to do.
Shoshana - A year of real smiles.
David - The ability to ignore that which is unimportant... and to keep enjoying that which is.
Sarah - A year as vibrant as the pictures you take; a you as excited and lively as the character you draw.
Chana - Fulfillment of potential. Combining the learned wisdom of practicality with the heart of idealism.
DGesq - Overcoming obstacles. Finding a way to utilize that which you have against the odds.
IPayTooMuchForMyHair - Unintimidating co-workers. :) A year of good company.
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