Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Work - Day 3

I don't have much time now to respond to all the comments, but it's important to get a few points out there... Part of what was cut off in my first post about work* was a simple statement: I won't be blogging about work very much. First of all, I can't blog about anything I'll be working on even if I wanted to. Second, I'm not really interested in doing so anyway. I don't plan on blogging from work, and I'm not even sure I could, even if I wanted to.

The company I work for is a great one, and I'm impressed with how happy with the firm almost all the people who work there are.

Also, quick reminder for everybody who can make it - I can't - there is a rally outside of the UN today which should be very large. They expect well over 100 buses already. You can also take a few seconds to sign this petition to the UN.

And now, it's time for Day 3 of orientation.

* SD - Firefox still crashes a lot less than IE. :)