Friday, September 08, 2006

"Uhhhhhh, how do write a letter E again?"

As most bloggers, I have a job that requires me to be in front of the computer all the time. Keyboard and mouse for most of the day. It was only last week, that I really noticed the down side to this. I had finished designig a project and a co-worker, in jest, asked me to autograph a piece for her. I began to notice that I was slowing down when I was writing my last name. No, I did not forget how to spell, (shut up Ezzie), but i was having a hard time actually writing out some of the letters. I usually write in cursive and I was slowing down at certain points where one loop would connect to the next letter. I was shocked (and a bit embarrased). Another co-worker told me this is completely normal since most of the time I am typing and not actually writing, and so what came naturally before in my hands mobility to easily write, now requires some effort of thought.

This was indeed an eye opener for me because all the time, you tell yourself that you should do more reading. But what about writing? Ofcourse, not everyone uses the computer all day, but for those that do, I think its important that we don't loose this basic skill. I have made it a priority now (along with a bunch of other priorities I have set aside) to do some random writing every now and then. Just like anything else, whether its drawing, skating, or even reading, if you don't keep practicing and doing them, you might eventually forget how to do it.

A lot of help I'm going to be when my kids enter elementary school and practice writing on those dotted lined pages only to have their dad doing the exact same thing right next to them :) Am i over exagerating here, or has anyone else experienced this?