Monday, September 11, 2006

My 9/11 Story

I really don't have much of a 9/11 story. I think the main part of it lies with the fact that I am in the West Coast. I have yet to hear of someone from the east, that doesn't have a great story of how they saw fires, the towers collapsing and people running. For me, it was all shown on TV. That's as close as I came to living it. I was actually asleep when the whole thing happened. By the time my parents heard about it from a neighbor and woke me up, the towers were gone. I am actually quite drawn to watching the whole thing over again on the internet (some people can't stomach it). I think its because I still quite fathom the scope of such an attack. It was just so terrible and at such a large scale, that it boggles the mind. Everytime I look at those scenes, I just think to myself how the world changed at that precise moment. It's just too enormous.

Now, 9/11 is going to be a day when everyone asks: "So what were you doing in 9/11?" Kind of like when asked "What were you doing when Kennedy was shot?" But have you ever asked yourself, "What were you doing the day before? What were you doing 9/10, the last normal day before everything was turned upside down for all of us. As expected, most people probably have no recollection of what they did. Now, its obviously not a critical question. It's not like people were asking themselves "what was I doing Dec. 6 1941," but seeing where we are now in the world, I sometimes wish I did remember, at least for sentimental purposes.