Monday, January 02, 2006

Thank You, DovBear

From Dovie:
Ezzie, the accountant, claims that based on his extensive knowledge of the law (a Touro College undergraduate course for which he earned an A-) the president's decision to spy on Americans in violation of an act of Congress was perfectly legal.

Not that we don't love Ezzie, but let's hear from some folks who have actually finished college - not to mention law school.
Well, a few corrections, as I noted there: I'm not an accountant; I claim no extensive knowledge of the law; I'm in Lander, not Touro; there is no such course; the closest I can think of is Business Law, for which I received an A; and I merely quoted a number of people who argued that it was constitutional and/or legal, and explained it according to my understanding, based on my ability to read and think.

But I must thank DovBear, who keeps saying such nice things about me, though sometimes in hidden ways ("not that we don't love Ezzie"; he reads me daily; "Ezzie, a fine friend of this blog"; "sweet Ezzie"). However, when you note this, it's a bit scary.

I'm happily married, DB. Sorry.