Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama's Middle East Speech: Nothing New

Not that I'm faulting or complaining, but it's astounding how little new material is in today's speech by President Obama regarding Israel and the Palestinians.

In fact, that's all I have to say on it.

Thanks to the apple for the transcript.


  1. OK so apparently the 1967 border basis was new, though media has drilled that for years.

  2. I like the Torah borders much better. We should daven to be zocheh to those ASAP.

  3. Meh, I don't think the 1967 border basis was really knew. It was what everyone assumed. Remember, he said 1967 + land swaps. This is exactly what Sec. Clinton said last year, and this is what has been the position of previous administrations.

    People just have this thing when Obama says things, like he's reinvented the wheel.

  4. Vox,

    Why does Obama choose to push bad old ideas?

  5. Mike S.: I myself thought there was little or nothing new, but both the Israelis and the Palestinians are reacting as though the President said something dramatic against their positions. I confess to being unsure why. Surely both sides know that the US wants a negotiated settlement, and that the only half way plausible basis for such a settlement is a Palestinian state in some set of agreed upon borders at least resembling the 1949 armistice lines with recognition and security measures for Israel. And they have been negotiating based on land swaps around those lines for a decade. If the language is a little different than has been used previously I see no reason for either Israel or the Palestinians to be surprised or angry about the substance. perhaps some of the reaction comes from the fact that President Obama apparently added that section without informing most of his own aides or, I assume, either party.

  6. >Why does Obama choose to push bad old ideas?

    Duh, because he's the physical embodiment in this world of absolute revolutionary evil. When every administration of the last 20 years says something, they're just being stupid, but when the Physical Embodiment of Absolute Revolutionary Evil says that same thing, he clearly intends it in a uniquely evil and absolutely revolutionary way.

    Similarly, when he walks his dog.