Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Roger

An excellent, moving piece. Dear Roger: I'm Your Canary


  1. While I don't care a whit about football (though every single guy I know would rather lose a limb than do anythgni on a Sunday during fall and winter), i see this guy's letter as social commentary that goes way beyong football. He could be writing this letter to the Uniter States government. Dear American Government - i've had it up to here with your crazy spending and your out of control ways while me, poor taxpayer, gets drilled to the point where i cannot afford to drive to Aunt Sally in Kansas for our annual summer trip cause gas is goin got be 5 bucks a gallon!

  2. Cym - It's definitely a social commentary, and a great one. I generally side with the owners if forced to pick a side in the NFL mess, but the points he made were absolutely outstanding.