Thursday, April 22, 2010

Proud to be Socialist

I really, REALLY want to know, how the Tea Party is going to dwarf Jim Crow, segregation and everything she mentions. But again, I am slowly realizing that I should not be at all surprised by this stuff. It's leftists BS. No different than any other emotion baiting rhetoric you hear all the time. No need to deal with the actual issues (chaz veshalom). Its all about playing with language and using emotion to further the rhetoric. And thats why they are able to win. Cause really, who WANTS there to be an era worse the jim crow era and segregation and interment???? Once you are able to convince people of that by playing with their snagged them.


  1. This woman is speaking to young socialists. What do you expect them to say? They were true belivers to start with.

  2. I know THEY are, but its nice to hear this from the head of an organization that gets bank from the feds. Its also rather amusing as to what she fears: The Tea Party: a group protesting for more liberty. So obviously, if she is a socialist, liberty is something she is going to fear.