Wednesday, April 14, 2010


A good friend had the following great analogy regarding dating et al that I think is true for most people as they weather the ups and downs of building a relationship:
I feel like there are checkpoints, like in those racing games and it's really comfortable in between the checkpoints. you're just kinda in the zone. but the checkpoints are really hard to pass.
Friends of mine know I like to say "when you're sure, give it some more time. When you're sure again, give it some more time. And when you're sure again, give it a little more. When you're finally really sure again... then you should probably go for it."

The best and surprisingly common description of dating seriously I've heard recently: You consistently swing from pure happiness to feeling like you need to throw up, and often both at the same time. (And the common response from those close to the person: "Great!!")


  1. Sometimes it feels like your the kid in the backseat of the car of a really long inter-city drive who after 20 minutes asks "are we there yet?"

  2. Ummm... I think you must have misunderstood... the recent description you heard sounds like pregnancy, not dating. :-P