Friday, July 15, 2005

Expensive first date - for what!?

Many people have the tendency to spend a lot of money on a first date. Whether to impress the girl, because they enjoy it, or whatever the reason may be, I think it is generally a bad idea and a waste of money. Two friends of ours, however, seem to have spent a pretty penny - and didn't even receive one bite of food or do anything particularly 'fun'.
Our friends went on a date for the first time, actually beginning from our humble little apartment. They couldn't find any open restaraunts at 9:30 at night (welcome to Kew Gardens Hills), so they decided to just walk around, enjoying the sights (?) and sounds (ugh) of our wonderful neighborhood. After a couple of hours, they found a small "park" [note: Parks in NYC tend to be smaller than my parents' front lawn, and my parents do not live on a farm] with benches and sat down. At about 1:40 AM, a police officer came over to them and asked them for their IDs. This officer and another officer took the IDs back to their cars for a while, and after about 15 minutes a 2nd police car came, too. After another 15 minutes or so, the officers returned to our friends and handed them presents: 2 pink tickets, advising them that they were receiving summons to court, where they would have to pay a fine for their crime. Their crime: "Disobey park sign." Ah, society...

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