Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Comments, anybody? (Links, ideas, etc. too...)

Please, please comment. I would like to know if people agree with what I have to say, disagree, agree in part, feel I made a mistake, have another opinion, think I'm a moron, or think I'm a genius. I would love to have discussions with people, determining whether certain issues and values are correct or incorrect and why; and I would be interested in people's critiques of my writing style. What do you think? Why? Also, is there something you would like me to write about in particular? Any particluar link you feel I should have? As Layah (my sister-in-law, and yes, she spells it L-A-Y-A-H) had asked why I don't put up a link for LittleGreenFootballs, I feel I should mention that I like to put links for things I feel that either I go to or have a specific connection to; then again, I'm a hypocrite, because I've put up at least one for which that is not true. Now I'm debating whether to add LGF, or take that one off. We'll see... But I digress. Please, please comment, post, ask questions, yell at me, whatever - I'd be much appreciative. Thank you!

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