Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Night Football really annoying. It means all your picks and lineups and whatnot need to be at least somewhat if not fully decided by Thursday, instead of having the weekend to do it.

Here's the total for me:
  • Pools [* - ones I really don't care much about if at all]
  • Spread: Office, Random Guy's, ESPN*
  • 1-16 weighted: Mine
  • Survivor: Mine, Big One, Big One (2), Random Guy's
  • Fantasy: League of my BIL & I; team of my BIL & I (public league); random league a friend invited me to join*.
All in all, not bad, and I'm not shelling out all that much $$ either. Again, if anyone is interested in joining either of the pools I run, feel free to email me at serandez at gmail dot com. And GO BROWNS!!!