Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Off to a Running (Back) Start

NOTE: You can still join the NFL Pool I run, now in its 11th year - just email me at serandez at gmail.

I had the 5th pick in the draft in the league my brother-in-law and I run, and somehow, thanks to some really interesting drafting all around, ended up with the following team: [League is pretty standard CBSSportsline rules - QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, DEF, 6 reserves; standard points (25yds passing, 10rush/rec, etc.)]
  • Round selected in ()
  • QB Hasselback (5), Quinn (15)
  • RB Johnson (1), Jones-Drew (2), McAlister (6), Dunn (14)
  • WR Holt (3), Walker (4), Holmes (8), Glenn (11), Henderson (12)
  • TE Winslow (7), K Graham (10), DEF Eagles (9), Raiders (13)
The depth at RB is great - I may even trade a RB if I can really improve one of my WR slots. I don't like a few of the picks - Walker and Glenn in particular - but I was surprised (both pleasantly and unpleasantly) a few times during the draft, so I took what was available. I just missed a few people I had targeted for certain rounds: Wayne (3), Rivers (5), Brown (6), Edwards (7), Jaguars (9) to name a few, but most of those ended up okay. Should be a fun season - the draft room was hilarious... no? :)

The big twists were Addai going #3, followed by 4 QB's getting snatched up in the first 14 picks, much to the surprise of everyone else. I expected to take Harrison at 20, figuring all the good RBs would be gone, but not only did Harrison get picked, Jones-Drew was still around. I couldn't pass on that... My biggest mistakes were not really paying attention to byes. I wanted the Jags D, but was satisfied with the Eagles - and had always planned on the Raiders as a backup. But the Raiders' bye week is the same as the Eagles, which really can hurt.

Anyway, at least I have Brady Quinn. He's pretty hot.*

* You may need to know my BIL to find that funny.