Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sheitl Sales on Sunday in Five Towns, Queens

*NOTE: Sticky post. Scroll down for the latest. And no, I'm not a girl.*

For all those who may be interested, particularly with the Yomim Na'oraim and Sukkos rapidly approaching, there are a few sheitl (wig) sales this Sunday, September 2nd, around the Queens & Five Towns area. It is a Michal Wigs sale, advertised as "Custom wigs at unaccustomed prices." Michal Wigs sells directly to the customer, thus eliminating the 'middle-man' price. [Full list of sale dates and locations here.]

The homes hosting the sale are: (address links show map of area)
At the Queens sale, Serach will be selling tichels as well; her site is SerachScarves.

For what it's worth, Serach has had her sheitls for a few years and has been very happy with them. For those who are interested in this stuff, some of the details: European hair, no knotting, multi-directional, six-month guarantee. Hatfalls - $290. Band falls - $365-$415. Sheitls - $475-575.