Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kosher Pareve Ice Cream

A huge hat tip to another blogger friend whom I think wishes to remain anonymous on this one...

She knows the couple who started this, and apparently they brought over some samples... and now she's addicted. As she put it:
They finally found manufacturing and got certified Cleveland Kosher*, and are now looking to be nationally certified. This is the best damn parve ice cream EVER. seriously. no soy aftertaste, rich, creamy - i'm not sure i want to know what's in it :-)
And the best part, for the mavinim (those who understand), the name: Shannon Road Ice Cream. Sweet.

Some more details from our anonymous friend:
after being on ice cream hiatus for august in order to get his manufacturing ducks in a row, he is selling today out of his house first come first serve for yom tov, and i think for sukkot yom tovim as well. he should be in stores (Unger's, Altman's etc.) by sukkot or shortly thereafter. tell your folks, perhaps they can pick some up.
Heard that, Ma? :)

* That's the hechsher in Cleveland; similar to how Chicago has the CRC or Queens has the VHQ. Ice Cream Dan Man commented and emailed that they are NOT and never have been certified by the CK but are currently looking for a large national certification, and hope to have it within a week or so, just some last details to work out. This hasn't stopped most people from buying it from him. He doesn't know if he'll have it in stores by Sukkos, but will be selling from his house until then.