Friday, September 07, 2007

Story #1: Novelty Purposes

I heard or experienced a few interesting stories this week, and figured I'd share some of them; I think they're worth a lesson or a laugh.

Earlier this week, my friend's car was broken into in Kew Gardens. Someone had smashed the passenger-side window, reached in, opened the dash (nothing there, though), and ended up just taking one small thing. My friend called the police, waiting a total of two and a half hours and requiring half a dozen phone calls for them to actually show up, and proceeded to have an interesting conversation with the officer.
Officer [taking notes]: Was anything taken?
R: Just my radar detector.
O [pauses, looks at R quizzically]: You know those are illegal, right?
R: How could it be illegal? I bought it at Best Buy.
O: Those are for novelty purposes only.
R: Oh, that's okay. I only use it for novelty purposes. [smiles]