Monday, September 24, 2007


  • Does anyone know of support groups for frum people who suffer from depression? Please put it in the comments or e-mail me.
  • The protests against Ahmadinejad's appearances seem to be going on all day at the UN and at Columbia; I'd go to the one at the UN, which isn't a bad walk, but I have to help welcome the new first-years to the firm. If you can go, though, I'd recommend going.
  • The 60 Minutes interview with Ahmadinejad is now up online (thanks David).
  • I still need to put up recipes, I know...
  • I'm not sure what's stranger about the plays just before the Browns' field goal got blocked yesterday. After spiking it with 18 seconds left to make it 2nd-and-10, I didn't understand why they took risks on passing when they could have run it for 5 yards, spiked it, and kicked. But it worked out anyway, because the Browns completed a 12-yard pass with 3 seconds left on the sideline. I just don't get how they did that, seeing as how the Raiders dropped ALL 11 players (!) into coverage on the play before, and yet still allowed a sideline catch?! The Browns had no timeouts, they had to throw sideline or throw it away... weird.