Monday, September 03, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, Labor Day

A few good reads/views out there:
  • A great article on why every Jew should love the Red Sox and hate the Yankees in American Jewish Life Magazine, via DaBoys. Now, obviously he meant to say Indians, but it's an excellent and amusing piece.
  • David Linn's wife finds a picture from his old Monster story - HA! And this picture of tranquility will make you smile. :)
  • Pearl asks why people use the term "my wife/husband" etc. instead of names, particularly [it seems] in some frum circles. Feel free to put your own answer in the comments there...
  • RWAC has a great piece on self-doubt, particularly as a rav. Read it.
  • Jack follows that up with a piece of his own.
  • Chaim has questions but no answers - what's your status?
Have a wonderful day off, for all those who do. I need to go prepare for tonight's fantasy draft... I've got the 5th pick. I'm thinking it's got to be Gore or Addai, but which one!? (I'd rather trade down... and I'd rather be at the draft party in Baltimore with 3/4 of the league! Ah well...)