Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fantasy Seasons!

WARNING: For most of you, this post will be boring. You've been warned.

With the NFL seemingly on its way to ending its lockout, the guy who runs our fantasy football leagues with me g-chatted me about starting to contact people to make sure they're coming back. I e-mailed a couple guys, and their replies were fantastic:
  • Hells to the yeah I am!!! and
  • Ill paypal you the $$ the second that CBA is signed
Nice. That's how it should be.

Meanwhile, while our friend Rea has been struggling, I've started to come back from deep in last place in fantasy baseball [standard 5x5 roto], now sitting in 7th of 12. I've locked up most of my innings (we have a 1250 IP max, and I'm at 852), and spun a number of trades, while all my players are finally (!) back from their injuries. I'm planning on (and should be able to) pull off one or two more trades before riding what I have to the end. It's a really close league, with pretty much anyone in the top 9 still alive, though the top six teams have the edge for now. After trading Lincecum for Price and Pineda, then trading them for two closers, this is who I've got left:

  • C Avila
  • 1B Huff (been horrible, will probably be used only as a sub once I make a trade)
  • 2B Utley
  • SS A.Cabrera
  • 3B Walker
  • CI Kotchman (FA pickup to replace injured Headley, will drop once I make a trade)
  • OF V.Wells
  • OF Hart
  • OF Brantley
  • OF Joyce - will likely trade before deadline
  • Util OF R.Davis - big interest from people in trades, but his SBs are too valuable to trade
  • Util Hafner
  • Bench - OF Torres - will possibly trade before deadline, OF Jay - will likely trade before deadline
  • SP Halladay - will likely trade before deadline
  • SP Kershaw
  • SP Jimenez
  • SP Masterson - received in late May for SS Bartlett and 1B B.Wallace. Quite the steal...
  • SP Tomlin - picked up as a FA
  • CL Bell
  • CL Wilson
  • CL Papelbon - received in Pineda/Price trade yesterday
  • CL Hanrahan - received in Pineda/Price trade yesterday, will likely trade before deadline
  • RP Venters - will possibly trade before deadline
Currently, I've got by far the best K rate in the league (only one guy is even within reach), which allows me to pitch Masterson and Tomlin. My W rate is decent and improving. I'm a couple saves away from an 11, which the new closers should give me, and I expect to finish with 10s in ERA/WHIP (a couple guys have been sick). On the hitting side, I used to be so far behind it was laughable, but now I'm just 8 SBs from the lead, I've passed a couple people in RBIs and AVG, and I'm about a dozen HRs from a 6 while I'm about to catch people in Rs. Assuming I can flip Halladay and a package of others including Joyce and Hanrahan for a couple of power CIs, I should be able to make a nice run at first. It'll be interesting to see if it works, if only because I had to take an extreme pitching-only approach after being P heavy to begin with, then having injuries kill me - I had seven guys on the DL at one point.

The one move I may end up having blown the season on was trading Alex Gordon for Jonny Venters when Gordon was slowing down and Venters was rumored to be taking the closer's role. Ugh.

But hey, even if I can't crawl all the way back, at least there's football!

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